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Service we offer

$5 Spider Fee. Don’t bring in bikes infested with spiders! Please hose them off!

$35 Basic Tune- Includes Cleaning and Lubing Cables and Drivetrain (Cassette, Chain, Crankset, Derailleurs), adjusting and tensioning brakes and deraileurs, aligning the rear derailleur.

$55 Advanced Tune- Adds truing both wheels$100Advanced Plus- Adds cleaning the bike

$150Overhaul- Remove all components from the bicycle. Thoroughly clean frame and components. Regrease bearings, seat post and threads. Install all components. Adjust and properly tune deraileurs and brakes.

$40 Fixed Gear Tune- Remove the Crankset and the Bottom Bracket, clean and regrease the threads, true wheels, clean chain, adjust headset.

$30 Squeaky Bottom Bracket- Remove the crank arms and bottom bracket, grease, reinstall.

Individual ServicesInstalling tubes $4/ea. (BMX pegs add $10), Installing Tires $4/ea., Truing Wheels- $12/per wheel, Replace spoke- $1 (uncommon sizes $3), Tire/tube/rim strip install- $5, Remove and Reinstall Cassette- $5,Storage Fee-After 10 days, $5 a day. Sorry, no exceptions.