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Best Mountain Bikes For Cycling Lovers

Mention a mountain bike and the first thing that comes into mind is rugged terrain or steep slopes. But mountain bikes are made for much more than that. Throughout the years, these off-road bikes have continued to evolve with different riding styles and disciplines being added to the list. This has led to manufacturers improving on the specs to meet the ever-changing needs. 

There continues to be a great number of variations in the models being built, each with specific traits to meet the needs of the cyclists. That being said, the initial intent of mountain bikes is still alive and kicking with bikes still made for versatile outdoor adventure.

How To Choose Best Mountain Bikes

Let’s admit it, choosing the right mountain bike is not a walk in the park. These days, cyclists are bombarded with choices left, right, and center. Most of these bikes have similar pecks and most people can’t tell the difference. Some of the most common features that differ include the wheel size, the weight of the bike, the materials used and even the geometry.

So, how do you tell the differences? How can cyclists choose the best mountain bikes? 

  • Choose the right size
  • The wheel size matters
  • Go for suspension quality and not quantity
  • Be future-oriented when it comes to the design
  • Geometry you need

Above all, choose the mountain bike that meets your needs. Different trails require different bikes and this is why you need a bike for your unique outdoor adventure. That said, you also need to go for a bike that fits into your budget. 

Types of Mountain Bikes

There are a few categories of mountain bikes and here are the areas to consider for each category.

1. Fat Bikes

As the name suggests, these are bikes that have fat tires. They are ideal for riding in the snow or on sandy beaches or even the desert. With wheels of about 31/2 inches to about 5 inches in width and weighing from 25 lbs., the bikes are made to withstand snow or sand terrains. The wide tires are important in keeping the traction of the bike. This enables the cyclist to keep going irrespective of the trail. This is the bike for you if you want to cycle all year round. With the rear suspension having minimal suspension, the front suspension has a rigid fork that goes up to about 120mm. 

2. Trail Bikes

These bikes are meant to meet a wide range of terrain and this is why it is one of the widely known mountain bikes. They are designed to help cyclist lovers to ascent on the steep uphill as well as enable them to survive the descent. They have both front and rear suspensions and their geometry enables riders to cruise in different trails.

3. Enduro Bikes

Enduro racing is described as a hard-hitting sport that requires equally equipped bikes. These bikes are characterized by rear suspensions that range from 140mm to 160mm. Additionally, these bikes have much needed the sporty handle to help navigate corners. 

4. Cross Country Bikes

If you want to crisscross the country on a bike, then this is the right bike for you. In this category, you can expect to find bikes that have large wheels, higher peddling efficiency, less weight, and minimal suspension. 


There you go, folks! There is our list of the best mountain bikes out there. We hope that the die-hard cycling lovers have seen bikes that they can resonate with and that newbies have gotten a clearer picture of what to expect. Mountain bikes are meant for rugged, tough terrain as well as steep slopes and sandy terrains. Enjoy your ride!