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Brands we have

We carry a comprehensive stock of Pinarello, Jamis and Masi bicycles. We also stock Pake, Surly and Swobo frames. Contact us or come visit either of our locations to see what we have in the store.

Group Rides


8:00 AM, FAST

9am Saturday morning, leaves from the Parisi Cafe at Union Station off pershing. Steady 18mph ride with a few hills, maybe some sprinting when it warms up.

Monday 6:00 PM, Recovery

6:00 PM, Monday night cruise. Starts at our State line shop at 39th and Bell Street. All riders welcome for this recovery ride.

Group rides typically do not have a set route. Enjoy the mystery of riding with a group

Service we offer

$5 Spider Fee. Don’t bring in bikes infested with spiders! Please hose them off!

$35 Basic Tune- Includes Cleaning and Lubing Cables and Drivetrain (Cassette, Chain, Crankset, Derailleurs), adjusting and tensioning brakes and deraileurs, aligning the rear derailleur.

$55 Advanced Tune- Adds truing both wheels$100Advanced Plus- Adds cleaning the bike

$150Overhaul- Remove all components from the bicycle. Thoroughly clean frame and components. Regrease bearings, seat post and threads. Install all components. Adjust and properly tune deraileurs and brakes.

$40 Fixed Gear Tune- Remove the Crankset and the Bottom Bracket, clean and regrease the threads, true wheels, clean chain, adjust headset.

$30 Squeaky Bottom Bracket- Remove the crank arms and bottom bracket, grease, reinstall.

Individual ServicesInstalling tubes $4/ea. (BMX pegs add $10), Installing Tires $4/ea., Truing Wheels- $12/per wheel, Replace spoke- $1 (uncommon sizes $3), Tire/tube/rim strip install- $5, Remove and Reinstall Cassette- $5,Storage Fee-After 10 days, $5 a day. Sorry, no exceptions.