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Tips for Beginner Cyclists

If you have finally been encouraged to start a new adventure on top of a bike, we welcome you to the world of cycling, I hope this is the beginning of an incredible pastime, which for many becomes a great passion. The excitement of going out to roll is a lot and that is why we prepare the following tips for your first experiences pedaling. Prepare your bike Before going out to roll remember to check if your tires are well inflated, the pressure of these will be important for a better performance in your wheel, do not forget to check the brakes, as well as the changes, these two elements must be well adjusted. Finally the chain of your bike must be lubricated. If for some reason you have stopped using your bike for a long time (which we hope it is not, do not forget to visit your local workshop for a…

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Teaching a Child to Ride a Bike

Riding a bicycle is not an easy task that any kid can master on their own. While some kids may get on and ride away like they have been riding all their lives, others struggle with things like balance and steering a two-wheeler.  Teaching a kid to ride a bike can be a daunting task for parents, but there are things you can avoid When Teaching a Child to Ride a Bike Let us understand in detail: Find a Grassy area   Take them to the local park or trail and let them ride around for a while until they are comfortable enough to ride on their own. A few miles into their bike less journey, take them for a spin around the block a few times.  As they get older and learn how to ride better, take them on longer rides in the same area. Once they are comfortable enough…

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