7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching a Child to Ride a Bike

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching a Child to Ride a Bike

Riding a bicycle is not an easy task that any kid can master on their own. While some kids may get on and ride away like they have been riding all their lives, others struggle with things like balance and steering a two-wheeler. 

Teaching a kid to ride a bike can be a daunting task for parents, but there are things you can avoid When Teaching a Child to Ride a Bike

Let us understand in detail:

Find a Grassy area 

 Take them to the local park or trail and let them ride around for a while until they are comfortable enough to ride on their own. A few miles into their bike less journey, take them for a spin around the block a few times. 

As they get older and learn how to ride better, take them on longer rides in the same area. Once they are comfortable enough to ride outside on their own (and not too far from where they started) it is time to take them off the bike and into the world.

Lower the seats and avoid using training wheels

When teaching your child to ride a bicycle, two important things to remember are to remove the training wheels and lower the seat so that your children’s feet can reach the pedal and they can ride it comfortably.

To help your child learn to ride a bicycle, start by teaching them perfect balancing. Stand over them and push off lightly with one hand while raising their other leg to meet the ground at an upward angle. As they ride further, begin to nudge them slightly toward the middle of the road or a curb for safety. 

As they become more comfortable with this practice, begin to ride them without any support. 

Now Practice Pedalling 

First, teach your child how to roll over and stand on their feet. Allow them time to get used to the feeling of being weightless as they practice this movement several times a day. Once they can ride a bike alone, it is time to specialize their training. 

There are two things you need to do before teaching your child to pedal. Baby steps, if you will. The first is to get them used to the idea of leaning on something for support. As they advance toward riding their first pedal cycle, start by teaching them how to put their hands in the normal position when standing on their feet.

Don’t Push, run, or hold onto the Bike

As a parent, you might feel that you need to hold onto the back of the bike while your child rides. But, as most parents will agree, a Child’s balance is more important than yours. It is best to teach them how to ride a bike independently. 

Begin each training session by giving your child a small step-by-step guide on how to balance and walk; build up gradually as your child learns more about his or her abilities. As they approach kinesthetics awareness – they will ride a bicycle with perfection. 

Don’t make cycling a boring task

All it takes is a little bit of encouragement and love to get kids excited about cycling. There is no need to force or pressure them into riding, just make sure they understand that it is fun and rewarding and that it is something they might enjoy for a while. 

It might take them a while to get used to riding, and even longer if they are not encouraged consistently, but once they do get on their bikes, they seem to enjoy it more and more each day.

Teach your child steering and stopping

When it comes to teaching children to ride a bike, probably the most important skills are steering and stopping. If you want your children to master the ride of a bicycle, these two skills must not be neglected in any case.

Even if there are not any obstacles in a riding way, your child may not be able to see far enough ahead to judge the proper path before taking a turn. Hence, to practice this skill set up a few cones in the path. Let your child learn how to turn in and around. 

Don’t let your child look down

When it comes to teaching a child to ride a bike there are many things you will want to consider including safety, what works best for your child, putting them in the best position to avoid accidents, and making informed decisions based on research.

As a parent make sure while riding a bike the position of your child is straight towards the road. This decreases the chances of improper balancing and eases down the transition while looking towards the obstacles. 


We have extensively covered all the possible ways to Avoid Common Mistakes When Teaching a Child to Ride a Bike. Bicycle riding is a fun task! We are hopeful that this guide can help you make an informed parent teach your child about riding a bicycle.

Let us get one thing straight: You do not need any special skills to become a great parent. All you need is love and patience.