Month: February 2020

Bike racks for cars

Why You Need a Bike Rack for Your Car?

A bicycle rack is one of the essential accessories you need to have for your car, especially for outdoor lovers. Some of the best bicycle car racks are used by recreational cyclists and can fit different car models due to their easy adjustability.

A bike rack offers you a convenient way to transport and carry your bike from one point to another safely.

What to consider before buying a bike rack for your car depends on the following:

1. Your Car Type

The type of car you drive will determine the kind of bicycle rack to have. For vehicles such as SUV, it would be ideal to have a hitch-mount kind of rack. On the other hand, a small car or one without enough space at the boot would call for the installation of a roof mount rack.

2. Type of rack

Bicycle racks come in different forms: Top-mounted, Hitch-mounted, Trunk mounted. Take a deep consideration to get the best type of bike rack for your car.

  • Top-mounted; this type of racks are best for carrying several bikes at the same time. They are best suited for small compact vehicles.
  • Hitch-mounted; these racks are installed at the back of your car. They are easy to load and can accommodate several bikes at a time.
  • Truck-mounted; these racks are mounted on the rear end of the car, giving you full access to the door. It is ideal for transporting bikes over a long distance.

3. Sturdiness

While buying a bicycle rack, consider its compatibility with the bicycle’s frame. Your bicycle rack should be of a sturdy design that will protect your car from scratches and thereby protecting you from incurring additional repair costs. 

4. Stability

One of the essential factors to consider while searching for the best bicycle car rack is its stability. Security offers maximum safety, especially while dealing with heavier models of bikes. Take time to search for the best bike car rack that will be durable and will save you money in the long-run. Another choice for you is installing a roof rack on your car that can load not only bikes but also many other gears.

5. Safety

While mounting your bike rack to your car, ensure that the license is visible. Have lockable locks that will protect your car from scratches that might be caused by the bike rack if not securely locked.

6. Ease of use

Depending on your height, buy a bike rack that will be easy to load and off-load from your vehicle. Don’t buy a roof-mounted rack if you can’t reach, instead buy a hitch-rack one. This ease will guarantee your comfort and save you a lot of loading and unloading time.

7. Your Budget

It is always advisable to buy a rack that will meet your requirements, and most importantly, one that falls within your budget. If you want to buy a rack that can accommodate several bikes, then be prepared to spend more on the accessory.

8. Number of Bikes

The number of bikes you wish to carry determines the type of bike rack to buy. While buying a bike rack, consider purchasing a roof mount, which is ideal for mounting several bikes at once. Also, depending on your car’s capability, you can hire a bicycle rack to help guarantee the safety of your bike.

It’s always advisable to check a couple of reviews about bike racks for cars. By doing so, you will get an idea of what to buy, what’s trending, the dos and don’ts.

Some of the best bike rack reviews online will guide you on the best price, brand, and what to look for when purchasing a bike rack that’s ideal for your car. 

Once you have purchased your bicycle car rack, you will be in a position to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Carry several bikes at once; when you are hauling several bikes at a go. A hitch-mount rack is ideal for this, and the best feature of this type of mount is that it is made of lightweight material and has more ground clearance.
  • Bicycle racks are easy to install. Get a hitch rack that can easily be installed and comes with locks that are used to secure both your bike and the crack to the car.
  • When you have installed a roof mount rack, you get the freedom to have unhindered access to your car’s trunk space.
  • A bike rack makes it easy to transport your bike from one point to another over long distances while ensuring that your bike and vehicle are not damaged.

For a bike enthusiast, owning a bike rack is of utmost importance. It gives you the freedom to transport your bike to different places and, at the same time protecting both your bike and car from scratches. Always have a rack that goes well with your vehicle’s capability. Do not have a heavy rack that will end up damaging your car.


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